Teenagers Need Help

Self-esteem is a serious issue that teenagers continue to struggle with.



Teenagers just want to feel good in their own skin, but some feel they can’t.

Some teenagers have yet to discover their self-worth.

High school is a difficult time in one’s life and for many teens, it can feel like they are stuck in a loop of hopelessness. Struggling to find yourself when you are under everyone else’s judgment makes it hard to embrace self-love.

You may feel like your friends don’t love themselves and don’t know how to help.

You may not even be able to see it.

No matter how fine someone appears to be, you never know how they feel on the inside. Often, teenagers hide it in an attempt to not burden others with the weight of their problems.

Inferiority is when a person feels lesser compared to others because of how they see themselves. No child deserves to grow up feeling this way—life is already challenging enough, not having the confidence to stand up to those challenges makes it so much harder.

The people you surround yourself with should help to make this time one of the best in your life.”

Competition in high schools has always been present, but it’s gone further than academics now—it exists on a physical and mental level.

Who’s the “prettiest”? The “ugliest”?

The “smartest” or the “stupidest”?

No one should have to four years of comparing themselves to any and everyone around them, constantly putting themselves down or making themselves self-conscious of everything they do.

Especially alone.

The people you surround yourself with should help to make this time one of the best in your life.

Some people are supportive and try to build others up. These are the people who hear you when you’re hurting and help you with your problems. The ones who compliment you just because. They’re the kind of people everyone deserves and should strive to surround themselves with.

However, I know it’s hard because not everyone is like that. Some people pull others down to make themselves feel better. These are the people who pick fights with you and judge you when you’re not looking. The ones who make you feel like you’re not good enough. They’re the kind of people who want to hurt you because seeing someone suffer distracts them from their own suffering.

You may have a friend that you think is going through something.

Say you have known this friend for years, and you can’t imagine your life without them, but they aren’t good for you. They make those snarky comments about you or make you feel like you can’t talk to them.

It’s hard to deal with the realization that you maybe aren’t meant to be friends; however, like I said, hurt people hurt people. Their behavior could also mean that this friend needs help.

The best thing to do is communicate.

Try to work it out, and if afterwards there is still no progress made, then it’s probably best you leave. It’ll hurt now, but it’ll pass; you’ll no longer be surrounded by someone who puts you down.

Your self-worth is one of the most important things to have and be confident in—high school is a huge test of that, but it’s better you find it now than on your own after graduation. Whether it’s you, your friends, or even a stranger, reach out to people.

Love them, encourage them, be there for them.

And make sure to watch the people you surround yourself with as well.