The Importance of Being Educated When It Comes to the COVID-19 Virus

Staying educated during this Pandemic is important. Here are a few insights to the virus, COVID-19.

By Olivia Raymond, Editor

As of the beginning of March 2020, COVID-19, or the Corona Virus, has infected not only people, but our work, school, and daily lives.

As mostly everything in every industry has temporarily shut its doors to reduce the spreading of COVID-19, many people are left in fear of getting infected. Here are some key points to preventing spread.

Reduce social contact with anyone you have not been around recently.”

The most instinct way of staying safe at this point of the national pandemic, is to stay home. No, this does not mean you cannot roam around outside. It is best recommended to stay home and go outside daily to get minimal exercise to keep a fit state. Use this lengthy time at home to get into old hobbies, or even new hobbies! Or even get into a Netflix series you have not had enough free time to watch.

There are countless things to do at home.

If you do choose to go out on a grocery run, gas run, etc., it is best to keep your hands away from your face in public areas. Also, keep a safe distance from anyone near you.

Now, when it comes to detecting a potential carrier of the virus, steer away from anyone who coughs or has a fever, even if it is mild! COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, so it is unlikely you have the virus if you are dealing with any nausea or vomiting, unless of course you have a fever. Advise any one you know to do the same. Reduce social contact with anyone you have not been around recently.

Lastly, ways you can boost your immune system are by staying active, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins, and eating healthier foods.

Once again, stay home and stay healthy!