History of the Class Ring

Class rings have become notorious mementos of the high school passage, but what do these silver chunks really mean and where did they come from?

Scott McNally (11) assumed that “companies  [sell the rings because they] wanna make money… lets sell kids $6,000 rings and see what happens.”

The real origin of the class ring is West Point Military Academy. Class rings began as a tradition at West Point Military Academy in 1835, when students started wearing them to show their unity and to reflect on the time spent at the Academy. Through time the class rings have transformed into a tradition for the average people of any high school, including George Ranch.

Tradition states that the student is supposed to wear the ring, with the insignia facing her, while she is still attending school.  Once graduation has taken place, the ring is supposed to be turned so the insignia faces outward. Seniors do not follow this tradition exactly, but many of them have been showing off their annular mementos throughout the hallways of the Ranch.