Tropical Storm Beta approaching the Texas coast

Tropical Storm Beta may bring as much as 15 inches of rain to Galveston county.



Hurricane Beta is approaching the coast of Texas.

By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer

Tropical storm Beta is in the Gulf of Mexico and is likely to become a hurricane.  On September 11 the National Hurricane Center released the information that the tropical storm had 40 mph winds and was moving toward the coast of Texas.

The tropical storm is said to become a level 1 hurricane very soon. The southeast part of Texas is looking to also have a cool front that could turn into much more.

There are also a number of areas along the Texas Gulf Coast that may experience flooding. Some counties have already recommended evacuations.


Beta’s path shows that it will make landfall in the afternoon of September 21 between Corpus Christi and Galveston.  It has been downgraded to a weak tropical storm with winds around 50 mph.