Howdie Giselle Katan!

Giselle Katan, an 11th grader and virtual student-athlete, talks about virtual school, cross country, soccer, and FFA!


Olivia Raymond

Howdy Giselle Katan! Katan talks about the reality of being a virtual student-athlete, and being a part of FFA.

By Olivia Raymond, Editor In Chief

The Wrangler: How different is it being a virtual student-athlete versus face to face?
Katan: Being a virtual athlete is a lot tougher than being face to face. We must deal with challenges like driving to school first thing in the morning then having to rush back home from the school to be on time to attend your first zoom. We also must do the workouts on our own without having our coaches there to push us to do our best.

The Wrangler: If you could switch to face to face would you and explain why.
Katan: I would switch to face to face because I feel as though it would be less stressful regarding having to drive up to the school and back. Also, I feel like I would get the best results out of a workout being in school because I would have the motivation of my coach watching. Lastly, schoolwork would be much easier because in virtual you basically must teach yourself.

The Wrangler: What specifically got you into running cross-country and playing soccer?
Katan: As a goalkeeper I don’t get the best workouts in soccer as opposed to other positions, so cross country was a way to maintain good conditioning for the season. I originally planned on doing cross country for a year, but when I joined, I slowly but surely developed a love for the sport and decided to continue it for the rest of my high school years.

The Wrangler: What sport would you do other than cross country or soccer?
Katan: If I had to pick another sport to do other than soccer and cross country, it would be basketball. I wanted to play it in junior high, but I never got around to it.

The Wrangler: What is your workout routine to stay in shape for the goalie position?
Katan: My workout routine to stay in shape is a mile warm up, followed by an ab workout, then I practice drills for an hour during off-season.

The Wrangler: At the end of a long week of working out, what are your usual weekend plans?
Katan: My usual weekend plans consist of resting as much as possible on Saturdays. On Sundays however, you can catch me at a soccer game.

The Wrangler: Being a part of FFA, what has changed with the dominance of COVID-19?
Katan: COVID-19 has affected FFA a lot this year. We usually do a lot of fundraising and have many get togethers, but this year we have not been able to due to the pandemic.

The Wrangler: As there is no County Fair this year, how different do you anticipate the FFA competition to feel or work?
Katan: Without the fair the competition this year is going to feel completely different. Usually we get lots of people in the stands from the fair, but this year is extremely limited. Also, the environment is normally fun and exciting with all the rides and people, but this year it is stricter and duller.

The Wrangler: What kind of animals do you have to raise and prepare for the competition?
Katan: In the past I have raised rabbits, but this year I have decided to try something different and raise a lamb. I spent an hour-and-a-half at the barn everyday for 3 months preparing for the show.

The Wrangler: What was your favorite animal you raised over your FFA years, explain why.
Katan: My favorite animal has to be my lamb, Oliver. Even though he is a challenge, he is by far the most rewarding. He has such a big personality and we work really well together.