DIY Halloween Lanterns

These cute Halloween creature lanterns are a great addition to anyones spooky decorations.


Brenna Buchanan

These fun face lanterns are easy and fun to make DIY.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

As someone with little to no artistic ability, many holiday DIY projects seem too advanced for my skill set. These Halloween lanterns are an easy and super cute do it yourself project to liven up your Halloween decorations.
The first step in starting a DIY is to find your inspiration. A great place to find DIY ideas is Pinterest. With thousands of other DIYs tested by other users.
After finding the perfect design for your project for you, it’s time to head to the craft store in search of all of your supplies. Michaels and Hobby Lobby are good places to find your supplies for all kinds of different projects.
The supplies needed for these Halloween lanterns:

Mason Jars,

Acrylic paint in orange, green, and white,

Black chalk paint marker,


and fake candles. 

Lay out all of your supplies before starting. Cover an area on a flat surface with newspaper to protect it from the paint. Take the lids off the mason jars and begin to paint each mason jar with the three different colors. Each jar is going to require at least two to three coats of paint. Make sure the candlelight can still be seen through the paint on the jar.

Once the paint has dried start to sketch out the faces of a ghost, Jack-o-lantern, and Frankenstein on the sides of the jars. Trace over and fill in the design with the black paint marker one to two times for the best coverage. Then add white detailing to the faces with a small angled brush. Go back and repaint over any mistakes.
After the jars have completely dried, put the fake battery-powered candle in and close the lid. Decoratively place the lanterns around your house for decorations that get you into the Spooky spirit.