Mulan Comes Alive in Live-Action Movie

The popular animated movie has been re-released as live action.


Marek Galinski

People have been anticipating the release of the live version of Mulan and she’s finally alive.

A live action version of Mulan came out September 4, 2020 on Disney Plus.

Most people know the movie from the animated version, which many of us watched as kids.

The movie follows the same plot as the animation, where one male of a family is required to train and fight in a war. That brings in our main character, Mulan, who substitutes herself and acts like a man to fight for her family.

She must train and make sure she isn’t caught, because her whole family could be punished for her actions.

This movie has very incredible moments, and very incredible visuals—I was instantly hooked by the aesthetics.

Of course, I watched this movie as a kid, so simply the nostalgia of the entire movie made me happy. In order to add some suspense and surprise to the movie, the director even included moments that differ from the animated version.

Like every movie, Mulan had some bad moments as well.

Despite the few surprising moments, the movie still followed with the same plot, so viewers still can predict what is going to happen. With this repetition, the movie could get boring for people who have already watched it.

The worst part of all of this is the price! Not only do you have to pay for a Disney Plus subscription, but then you have to spend 30 dollars on a movie, which is ridiculous.

Mulan had a lot going for it, but I feel like the price and repetition really brought its star-power down. I wouldn’t watch it again, and I think you should save your money and just wait until it’s not $30.