Houston ISD Schools Close Due to Covid-19

The Houston ISD district closes their doors only days after students returned to campus for in-person learning. The district plans to change their Coronavirus protocols to handle more potential cases.



Houston ISD schools recently shut down their campuses after students in the district tested positive for Coronavirus.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

With Houston being the largest city in Texas, Coronavirus cases are beginning to rise again. The Houston ISD school district closed its doors after the news that some students had tested positive for Coronavirus in October of 2020.

Houston ISD schools started their 20-21 school year online only on September 8, 2020. Students then had a choice between in-person and online for the second six weeks. Students who did choose in-person were quickly sent home after the first day of the new six weeks.

Doors closed at sixteen campuses the day after face to face learners were allowed on campus. This caused 16 Houston campus to be temporarily closed.

According to Fox 7, Foerster Elementary school, Houston Academy for International Studies High School Lewis Elementary School, and Roberts Elementary school each had a confirmed Covid-19 case. All other Houston schools closed for precautionary reasons and transferred back to virtual learning.

As of October 29, 2020, the Houston ISD school district remains at an orange risk level and students are still required to wear masks and social distance. Officials recently changed their policy making it so that schools are required to have at least two confirmed positive cases to close a school.

Officials recently changed their policy, making it so that schools are required to have at least two confirmed positive cases to close a school

According to the Houston Chronicle, Schools across the state are limited in how long they can close after a certain number od COVID-19 cases. School districts are allowed to set their own criteria for when to close a campus because of a positive case, but Texas Education Agency rules say that campuses can only be closed for a maximum of five days.

Houston schools are working with health officials to gather more data to help make decisions that may affect students and teachers.
According to ABC 13, the district has adjusted Covid-19 protocols for closing schools. Under the new changes, schools in Houston ISD plan to reopen their campuses.