Varsity Volleyball Battles Against Ridge Point for the 20-6A District Title

Our lady Longhorns went in a hard battle against Fort Bend Ridge Point for the 20-6A District Champion title. Here is a look into the action the Longhorns brought! This game was held at Buddy Hopson Field House on November 17, 2020.

No. 1 Alex Tennon (12) and her team filled with true happiness after winning the fourth set of the match which ended up tieing the two teams.

By Olivia Raymond, Editor In Chief

Due to a tie for the 20-6A District Title between George Ranch and Fort Bend Ridge Point, the two schools once again battled for the top spot in the district. The game was very intense, and despite the hard work our Longhorns put forth, the Lady Longhorns were shy of a win with a final score of 3-2.
Our Lady Longhorns finished their 2020 District Season with a 13 district win, 1 district loss, and a grand total of 19 wins, and 4 losses (Pre-districts, and districts combined). Congratulations to our Longhorns for another outstanding season!

The Longhorns are now officially Playoff bound! The Longhorn’s first playoff game is against Katy Tompkins, held at Katy Merrell Center on November 20, 2020.