Jason Preston- Believe in Yourself

It is never too late to achieve your goals, Jason Preston is a living testimony.

By Eryn Rainer, Staff Writer

Every athlete at some point or another has a dream of making it to the big leagues whether it be collegiate or professional.

Sadly, life happens. Athletes have ups and downs, doubts, and even burnout. However, to make it in the athletic world, you must be determined. Ohio University, Basketball Player Jason Preston couldn’t agree more.

Preston didn’t have a father figure, his passion for basketball came from his mother who he stated to  NCAA   “Would always tell me to sit down and watch and learn from the NBA players”, Sadly, his mother passed away from cancer when he was a junior in high school and was forced to live with a friend. But Jason “continued faith that everything happens for a reason.”

At just six feet, averaging two points a game and no college offers, he decided to attend UCF as a student and focus on journalism. However, after playing AAU he was led to attend Believe Sports Academy in Tennessee, where he played for the B team, then a little for the A, and also the  C team with his friends, and made a highlight reel from the A team which was later posted on Twitter.

Through the highlight reel, Preston received offers from Longwood University and Ohio University. As a freshman at Ohio “he started 22 of the Bobcats 30 games, averaged six points a game”. Yet, now as a six-four junior, he reached a  career-high of 31 points against no.8 Illinois the day after thanksgiving.

I just had continued faith that everything happens for a reason.

— Jason Preston

Preston was just a high schooler who seemed to have no chance of going collegiate, but the trials and adversary he faced helped fuel his dream to come true. “Belief and faith, praying to God, and just believing in myself. It’s carried me a long way,” Preston said.