Safe Holiday Activities During a Pandemic

The Cornavirus pandemic has changed the way that we celebrate holidays in 2020. Although things may be different, it’s important to still celebrate with loved ones.


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2020 has brought changes to the way we celebrate holidays. There are many ways to stay safe and still have fun during this holiday season.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

With the number of COVID-19 cases beginning to rise again, it is important to celebrate the holidays safely. The Houston area has experienced a recent spike in confirmed Coronavirus cases. As the fall semester comes to an end and families start to celebrate the holidays, the risk of being infected by the virus greatly depends on staying socially distanced. Just because celebrating might look different there are many fun activities where you can remain safe.

Christmas movies have been an essential part of the winter holiday season for many decades. Whether it’s Hallmark movies or the Christmas classics, like home alone, spending the night watching Christmas movies with family is sure to be fun.

Want to talk with Santa? Unfortunately, children might not be able to meet Santa in person this year. A company called Santa Club is offering personal live video chats with Santa for kids this year. There are three separate packages ranging from $34.99 to $69.99 for the full Santa experience.
Decorate the house for the holidays. Spend the day decorating your house with your family. Spend time listening to Christmas music and making your house festive.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed things for everyone. It’s important to still celebrate and remain safe at the same time.

Make winter arts and crafts with your family. Gather your family and try making ornaments or other holiday crafts. Pinterest is a good place to find ideas and instructions for do it yourself crafts like mason jar ornaments.

Celebrate by cooking all of your favorite meals for your family. You can make a family recipe that has been handed down for generations or find something brand new to try. Try the traditional baked ham and mashed potatoes or mix it up with some different flavors. There are many sweet holiday desserts that look easy and festive. Maybe try something like Santas peanut butter cookie bars.

Although it’s better to stay home, you can still attend socially distanced events if everyone stays safe. Every year the Houston zoo hosts a holiday light walkthrough experience. This year the zoo still plans to host the event and follow CDC Coronavirus guidelines. All visitors are required to wear a mask and socially distance from other guests. According to the Houston Zoo, the zoo lights will open at 5:30 pm and close at 10:30 pm.

Whether you are curling up on the couch for a good movie or exploring the cities Christmas decorations, remember to stay safe.