Spring High School Sports are on the Rise.. Who Will Have a Season?

As the Spring Semester comes to it’s beginning, LCISD is back to the red level during the ongoing pandemic. Many Spring sports schedules have been effected and changed.


WYO Today, https://wrrnetwork.com/2020/03/05/state-regional-basketball-tournament-scoreboard/

Spring sports are facing a various amount of changes to current schedules during 2021 and the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

By Olivia Raymond, Editor in Chief

LCISD COVID-19 Risk is back to the Red Level, which means masks are required at all times on campus. As LCISD is not the only campus at a red level risk, Texas UIL has the duty of controlling the starts of all high school sports in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases after the holidays.

Here is a quick update of the Spring sports that have a current scheduled season in date order:

Swimming & Dive: Districts, Regionals, and State are planned to be on schedule, with the girls State meet on February 19 & February 20, 2021, and the boys State meet is being held on February 26 & February 27, 2021. All dates are tentative.

Basketball: Girls and Boys Basketball has been ongoing since October 2020 in the regular season, and post-season is to start in mid-February. The girls state meet is to be on March 4-6, and the boys state meet is to be on March 11-13. All dates are tentative.

Soccer: Girls and boys soccer has been ongoing since November 2020, and will remain on schedule for now. Regular season is to be until March 23, and post season starts on March 25-27 with the Bi-District game. The soccer state tournament is scheduled for April 14-17. All dates are tentative.

Tennis: The district certification deadline for Tennis is April 17, and the scheduled state tournament is to be on May 20-21. The number of athletes participating at the tournaments are going to be limited, however. All dates are tentative.

Golf has been ongoing since August 17, 2020 and the girl’s state meet is scheduled for May 10-11, and the boys are scheduled for May 17-18. All dates are tentative.

Track & Field: Track & Field invitational meets will only be allowed eight teams to compete at once in order for both the boys and girls varsity teams to compete. The district certification deadline is April 10, and the state meet is to be on May 7-8. All dates are tentative.

Softball: Softball was updated with a new start to the Spring season with January 15 being the first official day of practice and January 30 being the start of interschool scrimmages. Regular season ends with April 27 being the district certification date, and post-season begins on May 1 with the bi-district game. The state tournament is scheduled for June 2-5. All dates are tentative.

Baseball: In comparison to Softball, Baseball has a different practice starting date, which is January 22. The regular season ends on May 4 with the district certification deadline. Post season begins on May 8, and the state tournament is scheduled for June 9-12. All dates are tentative.

Wrestling: Wrestling will be hit with a much shorter season this year, as they usually begin practices in the Winter. The wrestling season has been pushed back twice by Texas UIL, however they have provided tentative start dates. Practices are scheduled to start on February 8, and State is scheduled for April 23-24. Since wrestling is a full contact sport, face coverings are highly implemented and Texas UIL is offering very little exceptions. For more information, click the link found in “Wrestling” above. All dates are tentative.