All Hail Stacey Abrams

Read and learn about the political strategist who helped turn Georgia blue.


Ethan Miller

Abrams in the streets campaigning for Biden and Harris in Las Vegas.

By Bailey Taylor, Staff Writer

There was a time where Georgia held many discriminative strategies within their state. In the 1960s, the runoff system was developed to diminish the Black vote and give white candidates an advantage when no one receives a plurality of the vote.

However, this ongoing tactic came to a pause this year.

Thanks to Stacey Abrams, former House Minority Leader in Georgia, and the hundreds of churches, community, and advocacy organizations that arranged huge polling and rallied the people.

Local activists such as Abrams have been promoting voting rights for years. After losing a 2018 government offer for what she said was cleaning of polling lists and rejection of new registrations, Abrams silently kept her promise not to be left out.

While working on bringing awareness with her comeback,  she decided to first reveal how pertinent it is that people in society educate themselves.

Abrams and other Black women-led groups have used community relations to discuss topics of interest to Black people in Georgia. Groups mobilized and promoted voter turnout while distributing free food and protesting for social justice. If it wasn’t for her efforts,  the United States Senate wouldn’t have recently changed to a majority democratic lawgiving body.

Joe Biden will be the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in 28 years. Because of this, Stacey Abrams has gained praise across the internet for her efforts to mobilize voters and secure a win for Democrats.

For example, Jim Carrey, a well-known Canadian-American actor, tweeted “Thank you Stacey for the content of your character. Dr. King would be so proud of you.”

Even though she achieved the monumental goal of making Georgia more blue, she’s also stated that this was just the beginning.

According to PopSugar, Abrams stated that “We have to recognize that the disproportionate infection rate, the disproportionate death rate, the disproportionate loss of income has affected communities of women of color in ways that will continue to reverberate through our economy.”

She also mentions her fight to promote environmental justice and creating more jobs as urgently as possible.

Though she refused to join the crowded Democratic race for the party’s presidential candidacy, last January she predicted that she would be elected president by the year 2040.

Abrams is not the leader of a state or country yet, but she is already acting like it.