A Cross of Mad Max and Minecraft: Crossout

A post-apocalyptic funscape


Josh Manus

The apocolypse has come, and the Raiders are coming.

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Crossout is a multiplayer game that tries its hardest to be the best of both worlds. It tries to bring the creativity of Minecraft with the post-apocalyptic style and colors of Mad Max.
Crossout is a game where the player, simply known as survivor, is forced to build and fight in a vehicle that will guarantee his safety in the ever-changing wasteland. This is the ultimate test of your creative abilities, as you are able to literally create anything. You could go from a heavily armored tank to the most nimble of scouts, or even a hovering TIE fighter found in the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is a collective archive of vehicles that other players have designed, these designs are available for the survivor to test drive or even download the blueprint of the vehicle and take that design into battle.

The battles usually consist of two teams, with either a base to capture or a simple objective to destroy all the enemy vehicles.

build and test your vehicle.

Crossout is a very creative game, created by Gaijin Entertainment, and is a game that relies heavily on the player’s creative abilities. Crossout has hundreds of parts that can be arranged in millions of different ways that can make unstoppable vehicles. Crossout brings a type of player creativity into the game not seen since the release of Minecraft. It also perfectly melds the creative building qualities with the unique style of Mad Max, the iconic movie series.

The garage is where you, as the player Survivor, build and test your vehicle. There are hundreds of pats that can make any type of vehicle. There is everything from tank treads to racing wheels. How you obtain these parts is up to you, as the parts are unlocked through earning a reputation in various factions. Factions provide access to various building parts and also workbenches. These workbenches provide a space for you to craft and upgrade unique parts: like cannons, machine guns, and various pieces of equipment. Equipment can do many different things, from lowering the cooldown on machine guns to adding extra ammo to your cannons.

The market is an essential part of the game, where players can go to buy various parts with the in-game currency simply called coins. Coins can be earned by selling parts or by completing challenges, or by buying them with actual money. The market allows for players to buy any part providing they have enough coins.

Crossout is a multiplayer game above all else. Battles consist of two teams, which contain actual players and computer-generated AIs, Artificial intelligence. These teams have two tasks, and only need to complete one to win. First, they could destroy all enemy vehicles on the enemy team, or they could capture the enemy’s base. There are slight differences in game modes, like the “Supremacy” mode with three capture points. In this game mode, your team or the enemy has to capture two bases to win the battle.

Gaijin has made an incredible interpretation of the post-post-apocolyptic game. They perfectly meld the creativity of Minecraft and the doomed and decrepit art style of the Mad Max series of movies. There are many updates coming for this game, due to the increasing popularity of the game, and this will only contribute to the game getting better.