AP Exams


In 2021 all AP Exams, will be offered on-campus, in Admin Window 1 (May 3-17). All LCISD students, virtual and face-to-face, have the opportunity to test, on-campus, in Admin Window 1.

However, if a student is unable to come to campus or would like to request a digital at-home AP Exam, in Admin Window 2, May 18-28 (for eligible courses*) the student must complete the Digital Exam Request  form (Links to an external site.), by March 31st.

*College Board is not offering digital exams, in Admin Window 2, for Calculus AB and BC, Chinese Language, French Language and Culture, Music Theory, Physics I, Physics C, Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture, and Statistics. IMPORTANT: If a student requires paper-pencil testing, on-campus, in Window 2, for exams not available digitally, they MUST contact their campus AP Coordinator ASAP.

If a student requires exception testing, June 1-11 (in Admin Window 3), at-home, digital ONLY exams (for eligible courses**) they must request exceptional testing via the Digital Request  form (Links to an external site.) and receive approval from their AP Coordinator.

**College Board is not offering digital exams, in Window 3, for Chinese Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, Music Theory, Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish Literature and Culture