Black History – The Collection

A collection of articles pertaining to Black History, whether they were written for Black History Month or otherwise. Explore them as you please!

There is much to be educated on when it comes to Black History, way past slavery. There is much to be learned about the amazing, tragic, and admirable stories of Black people all over the world.

The History Behind Black History Month
The Beginning of Black History Month
Paving the Way for Black Women in Politics
The History of A.W. Jackson High School
Rosa Park’s History and Impact Today
Who is Booker T. Washington?
Untold Stories: The Lynching of the Walker Family
The Impact of Cicely Tyson
The Untold Story of Ella Baker
The Legend: Muhammad Ali
The Little Rock Nine: Impacting America More Than a Little
Who was Malcolm X?
Fannie Lou Hamer
W. E. B. De Bois, A National Treasure
The Ed Dwight Story
Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Leader
The Life of Malcolm X
James Baldwin in Nine Quotes
Emmett Till’s tragedy
Kehinde Wiley
Sojourner Truth
Marsha P. Johnson

The Story of Emmett Till

By Daryn O'Neal, Staff Writer

Racism in society was a large cause in the terrorizing of black people, but society doesn't talk about how children were and still are affected by racism. Although many movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement heavily emphasize the importance of preserving the lives of modern black youth, it is important to give light to stories of racial violence of children. Emmett Louis Till was born...

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