Is How to Get Away with Murder worth it?

How to Get Away With Murder is an innovative mystery show that has viewers invested.

By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer

How to Get Away with Murder is a TV show that premiered September 25, 2014. The show was created by Peter Norwalk and aired on the Freeform platform, formerly known as CBS. The show aired for six seasons where it came to its end on May 14, 2020. 

How to Get Away with Murder is based around the plotline of a teacher and public defender that goes by Annalise Keating. She chooses five students from her class that will basically intern for her and help her with cases she has as a public defender. Everything changes when one night the five students get into an altercation with her husband and end up murdering him. She helps them cover it up, and they must try to get away with murder. 

This show is one of the most entertaining shows, and always keeps the viewer on its feet. It also pushes racial and prejudicial problems in our society, and really has strong and emotional moments. It’s truly a groundbreaking show and never has a boring moment. The script and how it is portrayed truly is amazing. 

This show has very few bad things about it, but one thing I will say is a little bad about the show is that it is a little repetitive, but that’s really the only bad thing I can say about the show.  

I review this to anybody really! It’s on Netflix and if you like mystery and crime shows then this is the show for you.