Howdie Coach Fontenot!


Coach Fontenot

Both the JV and Varsity after a exciting swim meet!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: How have you seen the team grow since you became the head coach?
Coach Fontenot: Our growth has been exponential in many different categories that ultimately lead to the success of a team or organization. The number one thing has been our culture, work ethic- working hard is not an option. It is an obligation to be a part of our team.
The Wrangler: Do you every use your personal experiences to try and motivate swimmers? If so, how?
Coach Fontenot: Of course, I think that trust is one of the foundational building blocks for any successful relationship between a coach and athlete. Kids trust me because they know that I have stared at that black like for thousands of hours like them.
The Wrangler: What do you have planned for the team this year?
Coach Fontenot: Not sure, we always have high expectations and big goals but we try to focus on the present and make the most of the day we are given to get better.
The Wrangler: How has it been difficult/better having all of your swimmers back at school?
Coach Fontenot: You cannot coach swimming if kids are not with you in the water. Better for sure.
The Wrangler: What are some challenges that you have faced now that all swimmers are back?
Coach Fontenot: Team size. We have almost 80 in JV and Varsity combined and there is only my set of eyes so far.
The Wrangler: What are you most focused on the year for both JV and Varsity?
Coach Fontenot: Everyone getting better than when they started in August.
The Wrangler: Is there still time for new people to join? If so, how would they go about doing that?
Coach Fontenot: Potentially- they would need to get in touch with me via email.
The Wrangler: What is one thing that you want the overall school to know about the team?
Coach Fontenot: Not sure, I am self-motivated and I like to think my swimmers are to.
The Wrangler: Is their one swimmer that has influenced not only your school life but your professional life? If so, who and how?
Coach Fontenot: Cannot pin down to one- there is many that have influenced and impacted.
The Wrangler: Do you have any words of encouragement for any new students or freshmen about GR?
Coach Fontenot: If you want something. Go get it.