The Reality of Being a Senior

Our last year in high school is sure to make a slash. After years of anticipating senior year, we have finally reached the end.


Kaelee Hunter

Graduation is an exciting time that students look forward to and work towards for the majority of their educational career.

By Brenna Buchanan, Co-Editor in Chief

The large auditorium is filled with cheering friends and family. All seniors stand in alphabetical order waiting to accept their diplomas. A piece of paper twelve years in the making. Every test, essay, and group project has led up to this moment.

Finally, after every student has walked across the stage, the student section stands and moves their maroon tassels from the right to the left side of their face. They have officially done it.

The class of 2022 has been looking forward to this event their whole educational career, and now in just a few months, everything will come to an end.

“It’s like one minute it’s your first day then bam! You blink your eyes and it’s graduation. I’m just trying to enjoy each and every day as a high school senior,” senior Sydney Stribling said.

Being a senior in high school is like standing off the edge of a cliff. In just seven months we will all be forced to jump and brace for impact. Some will fly and some will just fall.

The first year back to school after the Coronavirus pandemic is filled with excitement as students can get back to the regularly scheduled events. For seniors, this means decorating parking spots, senior overalls, and preparing for our last homecoming and prom.

In October 2021, students celebrated homecoming by dressing up for the spirit days. Monday through Thursday students were decked out in decades, athlete, generational, and neon outfits.

“I love the spirit days. Some of them are kinda weird, but I think they are fun too,” senior Amber Twilley said.

The excitement of running for Prom King and Queen will soon fill the halls. Peers will vote for who they deem “most likely to become president,” or “best smile.”

Although we are only two months into the semester, tensions run high as some prepare to apply and commit to the college of their dreams. It’s time to write your college essays and start asking for recommendation letters. It’s stressful applying for college because their decision could very well determine where students start their life after high school.

Moving away from home and becoming an independent adult.

“Its definitely very stressful. I feel pretty overwhelmed about all of it, but I’m excited about going to college. I am looking forward to being more independent and getting to meet a lot of new people,” senior Madie Boyle said.