Has Katy Perry Fallen Off?

Katy Perry is a singer who has been around since 2008. She’s been very popular, but has her time come to an end?

By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer

Katy Perry is one of the most famous pop artists of all time. Her career started when her song I Kissed a Girl brought her to stardom. Several of her songs, such as Part of Me and Dark Horse, have reached the top of the billboard charts early in the 2010’s. 

When she released her fifth studio album Witness, it didn’t perform as well as her other albums. It was her first album to not reach number one and didn’t perform nearly as well as her other albums. It seemed as if she wasn’t as relevant as she used to be. I hadn’t even heard of this album until multiple years later. 

She then released her sixth studio album Smile which was about her divorce and getting over it. It was a very heartfelt album that got no attention. Nobody paid any attention to Katy Perry and the comments she did get on the album were mostly negative, saying that she needed to change her sound and elevate her songs. I’m very mixed on this album because I like a lot of the songs, but the ones I don’t like feel very out of place on the album. 

Katy Perry used to be one of the main pop artists who would be talked about all the time, but now it’s like she has been forgotten. I don’t feel like she deserves this hate because her music that she makes, in my opinion, is still very up to par with the other people that are getting fame. I think Katy Perry has fallen off, but I don’t think it’s for a good reason. Listen to Katy Perry if you liked her when you were younger, you might be shocked.