Spanish: Immersed in Language

A day spent speaking entirely in Spanish in an English-taught school revealed the importance of language in our everyday lives.


Carolyn Bracksieck

Students pinned buttons to their shirts and lanyards announcing “Yo Hablo Español.”

By Delaney Marrs, Online Editor, Staff Writer

When the bell rang at 8:15, the students of Spanish Honor Society (SHS) began their daily journey of navigating the ins and outs of the school day – completely in Spanish. 

Wearing buttons proclaiming “Yo Hablo Español” highlighted in red and yellow, SHS students spoke completely in Spanish, no matter whether the class was English, Calculus, or French.

“Participating in Spanish Immersion Day was a bit challenging at times,” Imara Hernandez, a Senior said. 

Buttons saying “Yo Hablo Español” were worn by all students participating in Spanish Immersion Day. (Carolyn Bracksieck)

Not everyone at George Ranch knows Spanish, and while there was a lot of discovery of friends and staff that also spoke Spanish, communication becomes challenging when one end of the party doesn’t know what the other is saying. 

“It was very interesting to see what it would be like to not be able to speak English for a day,” Sophia Rahaian, a Senior, said. “It’s something I have family members go through but had never experienced myself.” 

The awkwardness of trying to speak with those who didn’t speak Spanish, however, was outweighed by the experience of discovering others who knew the language. 

“Some teachers spoke Spanish, so it was easy to comm

Students stopped by Señora Bracksieck’s room to sign in, kicking off Spanish Immersion Day. (Carolyn Bracksieck)

unicate with them,” Hernandez said. “As well, some students spoke Spanish that were in my class, which allowed me to communicate with them throughout the class.” 

All in all, Spanish Immersion Day highlights the joys of being able to communicate through the spoken word. 

“Even though it was a bit challenging,” Hernandez concludes, “it was quite fun through the day.”