Sleeping with Sirens concert


Matty Mullins comes out on stage with Kellin to sing “Congratulations”

Sleeping with Sirens has been my favorite band for many years.  I have attended their concert three times, and can honestly say that their show on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 was the best I have ever seen them perform.  Memphis Mayfire, Issues and Breathe Carolina also executed great performances.The band Issues was the first to perform, and the synchronization of Tyler Carter and Michael Bahn’s vocals sent chills up my spine.  Seeing them live for a second time was an incredible experience.  Their set list was the same as it was at Vans Warped Tour, as they only have only released one EP.  Issues opened with their latest single “Hooligans” which is their best song in my opinion.  They played a song that has yet to be released, and it was also great.  They closed with “Black Diamonds,” after playing their hate song to Tyler’s previous band, Woe Is Me, “King of Amarillo.”  I was fortunate enough to get to meet the band after the show.  Meeting Tyler Carter was definitely on my bucket list, and I was elated to cross it off.

Unfortunately, I’m not a big Breathe Carolina fan.  I’ve only heard a few of their songs before.  However, I enjoyed their performance thoroughly.  Their music seemed very different than the three other bands, which surprised me.  Their music had more of a “pop” style to it than the other three rock bands, which complimented their sound well.

Just like issues, this was my second time seeing Memphis Mayfire perform.  Yet again, lead singer Matty Mullins and the entire band were incredible.  They played songs off of both of their albums “The Challenger” and “The Hollow.”  Songs they played from “The Hollow” included “The Sinner” and “The Victim,” which are crowd favorites.  After “The Challenger,” they played “Generation: Hate,” “Vices,” “Alive in the Lights,” and “Miles Away.”  I nearly jumped out of my shoes when they started “Vices,” because that is by far my favorite song by Memphis Mayfire. Kellin Quinn, the lead singer for Sleeping with Sirens, features in Memphis Mayfire’s song “Miles Away,” and it was very exciting when he came out to sing his part.  “Miles Away” is a beautiful slow song about Matty Mullins being away from his wife on tour.  I love Memphis Mayfire, and can assure you that it will be hard to find another band that cares more about their fans than this one.

The last band to take the stage was the opening act, Sleeping with Sirens, who opened with “Here We Go,” the second song off their newest album “Feel.”  Other songs they played off of the “Feel” album included “Satellites,” ”Congratulations,” and finally, “The Best There Ever Was,” which Kellin dedicated to his favorite band, Fletch.  The song “Congratulations” features Matty Mullins, just as Kellin was featured in Memphis Mayfire’s set, which Matty came back out for to sing his part.  Just before Sleeping with Sirens played “James Dean and Audrey Hep,” Kellin gave an emotional speech to the crowd about how amazing it is to make music for his fans.  He spoke about saving so many people’s lives, and brought many members of the crowd to tears.  Then, they played “James Dean and Audrey Hep” different from both the regular and the acoustic versions of the song.  It was incredible; I’ve never heard a live version of the song played like they did that night.  They played the song so softly and smoothly, almost like they put a jazz influence into it, and it was so beautiful.  Older songs they played included “Do it Now Remember it Later,” “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son,” and “With Ears to See, Eyes to Hear.”  I think I enjoyed Sleeping with Sirens the most, because I know every single one of their songs, and no matter what they played I knew all the words.  When the show ended, everyone was yelling “ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!” so of course they came back out and played one last song, which was their biggest hit single to date “If You Can’t Hang.”  This was by far the most amazing Sleeping with Sirens show I have been to.