Howdie Jonas Tuttle!

Jonas Tuttle is a Senior, and the Captain of the Boys Swim Team.


Von Pham

Tuttle drowns out the noise of the crowd as he prepares himself for his event.

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: When and why did you start swimming? 

Tuttle: I began my swim career at the age of four. During this time, my family was relatively new to Texas as we moved there a year before. To get to know more people, we joined the neighborhood swim team. 

The Wrangler: What are you most looking forward to in swim, for the rest of the year? 

Tuttle: Senior night has just concluded, so the next big step is Districts and all the qualifying meets afterward. Once high school season is over, it will be my final swim season on the Greatwood Gators summer team.

The Wrangler: Who has inspired you the most outside of school? 

Tuttle: My mother. She has worked valiantly for years to support my sister and I to help ensure we can be on the path to success.

The Wrangler: Who has inspired you the most to swim within the GR swim program? 

Tuttle: My great friend and swim teammate Brendan Burkett. We have known each other for over 15 years and began swimming together since the beginning. All of these years later, we still stand strong. 

The Wrangler: What do you feel is your greatest challenge this year? How did you overcome it? 

Tuttle: On September 6th, 2021, I had gotten in a major car accident and suffered a skull fracture injury. This injury prevented me from practicing along with the team for two whole months. Despite the setback, I still went to all of the practices once I was able to go back to school again, but instead of swimming, I helped around the pool announcing sets and timing. Once I was finally able to get back into the pool, I still felt a bit behind; two months off of working out brought me out of shape, but that did not stop me. There were still many months left before districts, so I worked hard both in the pool and in the gym outside of school to get back to my former placement. It has been three months since, and I can proudly say that I am back on track to swim fast for Districts.

The Wrangler: What would you say to a new GR swimmer or someone who is just starting to swim? 

Tuttle: There are two things you should keep in mind while in the pool, or in anything you do: try hard and have fun.

The Wrangler: What are your plans for the future? 

Tuttle: My next step is to attend university as a computer science or business major to further my knowledge within the subjects, though my ultimate plan is to become a business owner for a technologies company, so that I may bring innovation to the world.

The Wrangler: What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of sports and school? 

Tuttle: In my free time, I often play other sports with friends, whether it is Nuke ‘Em, basketball, or even video games. I also enjoy filming and editing videos and designing/drawing ideas.

The Wrangler: Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete? 

Tuttle: “There is a difference between those who aim for the top and those who’ll settle… and that difference matters.” – Toshinori Yagi

The Wrangler: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given from a coach? 

Tuttle: Discipline is the most important factor both inside the sport and in the real world.