A Glimpse Beyond San Juan

February 21, 2022

If stone walls and tiled street signs are not enough, San Juan yields to beaches and rainforest. 

This silk floss tree in El Yunque is known for the spikes on its trunk. (Delaney Marrs)

Past the idyllic Caribbean sands and glistening waves lying open, like all Puerto Rican beaches, to the public. 

A quick stop to try the meat-stuffed empanadilla and sorullos reminiscent of cheese-stuffed cornbread. 

And you can be within reach of either horseback or ATV rides through the greenery of the only rainforest managed by the U.S. Forest Service, El Yunque National Forest. 

Home to the spikes of the silk floss tree and call of the male coquí frog whose resonating co and kee mix together in a single sound intended to both drive away other males and attract females, El Yunque is a center of biodiversity. 

From the iridescence of the peacock fern, green then blue then purple, to the freshwater scattered with fish, El Yunque teams with life.

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