Close to Christmas Closer to Finals

It’s already the Christmas Countdown but let’s not forget, before Christmas can come finals have to be done. Starting Tuesday, December 17, finals begin. The order in which exams will be taken is different for each person because it corresponds with their individual schedule. So, on Tuesday, 8th period exams are given. After a full day of school, the following Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all half days. Two exams will be taken each day and school will be dismissed before lunch. Wednesday – 1st and 2nd period subjects, Thursday – 3rd and 4th period subjects, and lastly  Friday – 5th and 7th period subjects. However, not everyone takes every exam, because depending on district guidelines, a freshman can exempt two classes, a sophomore three classes, a junior four classes, and seniors could potentially exempt all seven classes. However these exemptions aren’t a given, they’re a gift and in order to receive it students need to be making an average 80 or above and have three or less absences in the class they’d like to exempt. Exemption forms need to be signed and returned by Friday, the 13th of December. They’ll be handed out Monday, December 9th. Don’t let Christmas fever distract the fact finals are rapidly approaching.