The Unsung Heroes of our County

The Fort Bend County Animal Shelter has provided so many dogs and cats with the love only one could yearn for. It is about time they get the recognition they deserve.

The logo for the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter.

The logo for the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter.

By Daryn O'Neal and Delaney Marrs

All over the world, so many individuals, couples, and families are offered the wonderful privilege of having pets in their lives. Unfortunately, not every animal has the privilege of being welcomed into a loving home. Therefore, animal shelters around the world have been a saving grace to many animals, and our local Fort Bend County Animal Shelter and Control is a highly underrated blessing that has offered comfort, care, love and safety to many dogs and cats in our county.

Fort Bend Human and Health Services described their mission as striving to “enhance the quality of life in our community through education initiatives designed to prevent pet overpopulation, to provide compassionate enforcement of current laws relating to the treatment of animals and to place animals in our care with loving and responsible families.”

This statement, however, fails to reveal all of the hard work that goes into making it possible. They spay and neuter animals, combat rabies, and maintain an active social media page promoting fostering and adoption. Not only this, they are also constantly working with rescue organizations, foster homes, and the community as a whole to give these animals a home.

Then again, perhaps this is too rambling. The central goal of Fort Bend County Animal Services is really one thing only: love. The unmistakable bond between human and animal.

And who wouldn’t want to help out with that?