Howdie, Joe Mpanugo


Joe Mpanugo’s wardrobe is impressive to say the least, but the way he presents himself is what truly makes him a gentleman. I sat down with him to better understand the guy behind the clothes.


Photo by Drew Wesley, click to enlarge

DW: So, when did you first start becoming interested in fashion?

JM: You know, I’ve always thought that people should dress well; there was never really a definite point where I just was like, “this is fashion”. I just thought,  “people should dress well, and so should I.”

DW: That’s a great philosophy. Where would you say you draw your style inspiration from?

JM: A lot of people would say that you should have an inspiration, but, I think you should just wear what looks nice on you, and, I think that this looks nice on me. So, that’s really what I get my inspiration from. What looks nice, what compliments, you know, your features on your body. So, yeah, that’s where I would get my inspiration I guess.

DW: Definitely. Do you have any favorite designers or, maybe style icons?

JM: Wait, have you ever heard of Mr. Porter?

DW: Yeah! I have actually.

JM: If I had to say, that is what I try to look like.

DW: I could definitely see that; [it’s] very classic. How would you describe your personal style?

JM: I try not to look like a teenage boy, or like a kid. I try to look like a man, so, older gentleman, I guess?

DW: Your little brother has great style too. How would you describe his taste?

Photo by Drew Wesley, click to enlarge

JM: We actually had a conversation about this, a discussion about this. I would say, actually we would say that he’s lighthearted, and a little playful. He likes wearing a lot of playful patterns and playful colors.

DW: What is your favorite spot to shop?

JM: That I don’t know. I just pick and choose what I like from different places.

DW: And, do you think that you like to keep where you like to shop a secret? Is that kind of the deal? Or do you just have a lot of different places that you go to?

JM: Both, I don’t think that you should let everybody know where you shop, but for me, it literally is just everywhere.

DW: And, what is one item that you think every guy should have in their wardrobe?

JM: A nice pair of trousers. Some nice pants.

DW: Do you have any hobbies outside of, obviously, dressing well?

JM: Sleeping. And eating, definitely.