The Longhorn Players Present “High School Musical: Onstage!”

Next weekend the Longhorn Players open their performance of High School Musical: Onstage!

Rogelio Hernandez(12), Trinity Rosas(11), and Brock Mangum(8) waiting for their publicity picture to be taken.

By Eliza Mangum, Staff Writer

This year, the George Ranch Longhorn Players are putting on a production of High School Musical: On Stage! We all know and love the iconic HSM story Troy Bolton (Erick Alima), a star basketball player, and Gabriella Montez (Sarah Austin), the brainy new girl, come together and break the status quo by auditioning for their school musical (come on longhorns, get involved with the arts programs like troy and Gabriella) but their decision produces an ultimatum… will Troy play the championship? Will Gabriella commit to the science decathlon? Or will they ditch their cliques to make the audition? To quote Jack Scott, “OH THE HUMANITY!!”

The High School Musical cast rehearses everyday after school with their directors, Mrs. Kelley, Mr. Duncan, and Mr. Williams. They meet in the blackbox and begin to learn new choreography, music, and blocking. Once it’s taught, the cast runs it over and over (and over…and over and over and-) until they have it down. With a few breaks, (emphasis on FEW)¬† the cast rehearses for two hours. Two hours of singing, dancing, bright lights, loud mics, inhaling snacks, sweaty “jocks,” and messy dressing rooms.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing how the show has started to come together everyday. Even after a hard day at school, I always look forward to performing with our amazing cast,” says Austin.

Alima says his favorite part of the production process has been, “Seeing people who have the same dedication as you come together and put on a really good show.”

This week is the start of tech week, a stressful and long process dedicated to the crew members perfecting their light cues, sound cues, mics, costumes, and more. Although this task is stressful and requires a lot of patience, Mr. Duncan, who serves as the tech director, will help the cast get through it.

“Tech week is very demanding, however, it results in a wonderful show. Mr. Duncan is very hard working,” says Aiden Tarango (Jack Scott).

In the theatre program, the students have a goal to create a family-like environment. It has become a place where people can be with their friends and speak their minds. They say that getting close with the cast has been one of their favorite parts of the production.

“I came in late and everyone was super welcoming, surprisingly. Its honestly been super fun to create bonds with everyone,” says Rogelio Hernandez, who plays Coach Bolton.

Come see High School Musical: Onstage on October 20th,21st,27th,28th at 6 pm and October 23rd and 29th at 2 and 6pm!

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