Pearl’s Power

Mia Goth debuted her second performance as her character Pearl and it’s making waves.

By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, September 16 to be exact, Pearl, a psychological thriller was released.  Ti West directed the depiction of Pearl, a girl who’s stuck on a farm with her strict mother and sick father. This movie was released as a “origin story” to the movie X (2022).

The movie tells the tale of Pearl’s earlier life before the movie X. It starts with Pearl on the farm taking care of the animals in the barn. She dances for the animals which shows her main motive, wanting to be a “star” in her own words. The only reason she hasn’t left her farm yet is her parents who are halting her from following her dreams. The more the movie goes on the more Pearl unravels until she turns to horrifying things to free herself from her entrapment.

This movie has so many great moments that hooks the viewer onto the story. It does an amazing job of building up to certain moments and doesn’t rush any action for the sake of just doing it. This keeps people on the edge of their seats as you never know what truly is going to happen. Also it has great visuals and a unique storyline that makes the thriller/horror genre feel very fresh.

Some may think every movie may have at least one negative but off the top of my head I really can’t think of anything that’s wrong with this movie. This is just based off the overall watch of the movie and not deep diving into the structure of the movie, but just based off pure enjoyment there really was never a dull moment.

Overall I really would recommend this to anybody who likes horror movies, especially if you like psychological thrillers cause this movie is the embodiment of that genre.