Daylight Savings Forever

This may be our last time that Americans must set their clocks from Daylight Savings to Standard Time.


Desert Sun Newspaper

A clock in fall weather.

By Daryn O, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. For eight months we have enjoyed the long sunny days and the short dark nights. But, on Sunday, November 6th at 2 am,  Americans must, “fall back,”  to Standard Time.

Standard Time is known in the U.S as the time that is set by the U.S government.  We “fall back” from Daylight Savings time, the act of setting the clocks an hour ahead on months that have a warmer climate, in order for the darkness to come at a later time in the day, giving Americans an additional hour of  daylight.

Americans have participated in changing the clocks from Daylight Savings to Standard time, and vice versa, for more than one-hundred years, but this might be the last time that the U.S ever experiences another period of Standard Time.

The new, Sunshine Protection Act, passed the Senate last March. In order for it to be enacted, it must pass the House of Representatives before President Biden can make it an official federal law.  If this act is approved by the House and signed into law by the President, then the U.S will no longer have to change their clocks to Standard time every November, and we will be permanently remain on Daylight Savings Time.

Biden is expected to sign the bill before November, 2023 if it’s passes the House in the interim.  Until then, Americans will set their clocks back to Standard Time,  possibly for the last time,  at 2:00 am Sunday, November 6th.