Senior Serve Scramble

By Arturo Compean

It’s only a few days away but it’s coming up fast. Senior Serve starts promptly at 6 p.m. on Saturday, January 18, at the George Ranch Historical Park. Seniors are scrambling to get last minute decorations, silverware, glasses and costumes.  But a question comes to mind, what is Senior Serve?

“Senior Serve is the largest fundraiser for our Pro Grad event. Proceeds are given back to the students through scholarship opportunities, raffle items, and the Pro Grad Party itself, which will be held at the Main Event in Katy! Seniors must participate in order to be eligible to apply for Pro Grad scholarships and will earn raffle tickets to be used at the Pro Grad event for prize drawings.”  –

Seniors can host a themed table by themselves or with a group of friends of up to eight people. Themes were selected as early as October 15th. The themes could be as simple or extravagant as they want, however no two tables will be the same. Some of the table themes that will host at the Senior Serve include: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney Princesses, Duck Dynasty, and many more.

“Our Senior Serve group chose the theme ‘Sailors’,” Senior Rebecca Bandele said. “We chose sailors because we love the nautical look. It’s a fun yet classy look.”

Seniors can spend a good amount of time and money depending on how they want to present their table. A small table with a simple theme could cost around a $100 but the middle to larger tables could go up to around $1,000. However, this is split up between the group members so it’s not as big of a burden.

This event is a fundraiser and the ways the funds are raised can come from the auctions; whether they’re from the senior’s cake decorated in their table’s theme, the silent auction, or the live auction. However, a great deal of the funds raised comes from the ticket sales. Each student has a maximum of eight tickets or seats to sell; meaning a group of eight students can have up to 64 guests to serve.

“There are 30 groups participating in this year’s event with over 175 seniors serving 1,100 guests,” Pro Grad Chairman Michelle Kuebker said.

Due to the many groups participating and the sheer size of event, the Senior Serve had to be moved from the George Ranch Cafeteria to the George Ranch Historical Park to accommodate the influx in size. And with the great increase in size comes a greater increase in fundraising.

“I am hoping that we will net over $30,000,” Kuebker said.

Senior Serve is the main fundraiser for ProGrad. Seniors must actively participate within ProGrad in order to apply for the scholarships that will be offered. To find out more information about ProGrad and Senior Serve, go to