Kendra Parsons; Making Her Dreams Come True

Sophomore Kendra Parsons, 15, is well known across the GRHS campus for her outgoing and goofy personality, strong confidence, and warm-hearted smile. Though what most people don’t know, is that she is a singing star in the making, and has big hopes for the future.

Parsons explains that she got her start in the 2nd grade when she was offered to sing a solo to a Michael Jackson song for a Black History Month program. Ever since, singing has become her passion and she is working hard at making her dreams come true.

Parsons would describe her singing style as R&B and Pop, explaining that it is very similar to the style of music she listens to on a regular basis. Anyone who knows Kendra will know that her all-time biggest inspiration is no other than superstar Beyonce. Parsons idolizes Beyonce and keeps telling herself that it is possible that she just might be like her someday. Other inspirations to Parsons include Tina Turner and Madonna. “I believe what sets me apart from other aspiring young singers is my outgoing personality, and my goofiness. My favorite thing to do is perform and know that I’m making someone happy by singing. If they get that ‘ooh, she’s good!’ feeling then I know my job is done.’” Parsons said.

Parsons has many great accomplishments to her credit, and tons more that she is working towards. A member of the GRHS Choir and UIL Region Choir, she stays busy supporting the Longhorns as well as doing what she loves. Parsons has also taken part in the theatre department. She was a Pink Lady in “Grease”, Played the role of Mac and was an alternate in the UIL One Act Play 2011 “You Can’t Take it With You”, and most recently played Doo-Wop girl Crystal in “Little Shop of Horrors”. In addition to choir and theatre accomplishments, Parsons is also a member of the second line Lariettes drill-team, and hopes to one day combine her love for singing and dancing with performance opportunities. In February of 2011, she had the opportunity to audition for America’s Got Talent in Houston at the Reliant. Though, she did not make it her first time, she still remembers the audition as an amazing experience and had a great time getting a feel for a real professional outlet. At the end of Parsons’ 8th grade school year, her older brother (who works at a recording studio), invited her to begin writing and recording demo tracks, and she really got into it. Some of her favorite songs to sing include “One Plus One” by Beyonce, and “At Last”, by Etta James.

Ten years from now, Parsons sees herself having possession of five Grammy awards, and recording songs on the top of the Billboard charts. Her dream performance would be with Beyonce at the Grammys, because she looks up to her and the Grammys is the “big event” for singers.  When asked if she would rather sing in front of 2,000 strangers or 20 of her classmates, Parsons states that she would feel more comfortable singing in front of 2,000 strangers because, “You will never see them again so if you mess up it’s not as big of a deal. “ Dealing with nerves are a big challenge before a performance, but once she hits the stage in the center spotlight she just “does her thing”. “My biggest supporters throughout my budding career would be my cousin Princess Johnson, my brother Roland, my mother, and my friends.” Parsons said. With the desire and dedication of this young star-to-be, you can bet that you’ll be seeing Kendra Parsons’ name in lights one day. “My ultimate dream is to be a famous singer, but if that doesn’t work, my back-up plan is to be an anesthesiologist,” says Parsons with a laugh. There’s no doubt with her genuine personality she will go far.