Big Finish on the Ranch

The Lariettes perform a routine to Train with their fathers during halftime.


The Lariettes perform a routine to “Train” with their fathers during halftime.

The JV Maroon football team huddles up in preparation for the final game of the 2011 season.

          The stadium lights shone down on the Ranch for the last time until the 2012 season Thursday, November 3. The JV Maroon football team completed the season with a 7-3 record (only losses coming to varsity teams) last week with a 38-30 win over the Clear Falls Knights.

         The temperature ranged in the 40’s as the spectators in the stands stayed warm with their blankets and letter jackets. The concession stand added hot chocolate to their menu, and it was quite the popular item as the crowd tried to keep warm. The sound of the Longhorn Band echoed in the background as they played various stand tunes like “Baby” by Justin Bieber and the fight song. But, the band wasn’t alone. They were joined in the stands by members of the Reading Junior High Band who got a taste of what high school band is like.

         The George Ranch varsity cheerleaders also took to the sidelines, sporting maroon ear warmers embroidered with GRHS on the forehead and their sweatpants. The cheerleaders stayed warm by constantly moving around and cheering for their team. Many of their smiles were bittersweet, though, because this was the last football game, and they were sad to see it end.

         The JV Maroon team had a fast start, jumping out in the lead in the first quarter. They kept the lead into halftime, going into to the locker room to discuss adjustments they needed to make in order to put the game away while the band and Lariettes took to the field to perform.

         The band opened the halftime show with their performance of “Copeland, A Gift to America.” Set pieces of the American flag stood behind the band as they played and saluted our country. Then, the Lariettes took the field with some very special guests: their fathers! Coordinating with white dress shirts, the Lariette dads danced along with their daughters as the band played “Train” in the background.

         The JV Maroon team retook the field for the second half, but not without a few bumps in the road. After a phenomenal first half of play, the Longhorn defense gave in a little, allowing the Knights to inch their way back into the game by scoring 3 touchdowns. But Reggie Solomon, Ladontia Jones and others came through for their team in the end. Solomon intercepted a pass, which stalled the Knight’s offensive drive in the third quarter. Ladontia Jones also recovered a fumble, which put the Knights away for good.

         Both Luis Michel, clarinet player in the band, and cheerleader Whitney Wakefield looked back on this past football season with a smile, reminded of the memories they made.

          “I loved being there to support the team,” said Michel. Wakefield added, “I enjoyed being there to pump up the crowd and team and give everyone a little energy.”

         They both agreed on one thing. They looking forward to most next year: playing varsity. “I’m excited for all the fun things that come with playing varsity,” Wakefield said.

         The first game of the season, an 8-6 win over Ridge Point on the Ranch, started off the JV Maroon team’s season well. And the season also ended positively with this win over Clear Falls, also on our home turf. Their hard work and dedication was shown as they improved from a 3-7 record in 2010 to 7-3 this year.  As Coach White would say, our boys were “Livin’ the Dream.”