What Girls Really Do When They Like You

And it’s not what you’re thinking.


Type into your Google search engine “How to know when a girl likes you” and look through some of the articles. It is obvious from the crude and immature remarks that these advice search results were most likely written by teenaged males who believe they are all-knowing players who have cracked the female psyche.

Much to their shock, they are all wrong.

They give advice such as “if a girl says no, she means yes”, “a girl never touches you accidentally” and, my personal favorite, “girls loves it when a guy says her name”. The “advice” is either flat out stupid or creepy and is scarcely right.

The only advice you should trust is from a girl  herself (or maybe even your crush’s friend), not from some website claiming to be your “love guru”. The information that comes from a girl will always be more reliable than any quiz or instructions you will find online. If you’re not friends with any girls or are not comfortable talking to them, well, you need to make some friends or get over it.

Girls are especially better than your guy friends who claim to know what signs to look for when a girl likes you. They will make up myths such as a girl like you if she crosses her legs or twirls her hair. Sorry to tell you, but most girls cross their legs and play with their hair at some point or another.

However, if you are just too awkward to become friends with a girl, then there are some signs that the girl of your dreams may like you. For example, if she is trying to become your friend or attempting to get to know you better, she might like you. Though this does not mean that all your female friends (if you have any) are trying to become your next girlfriend, so don’t get a big head and think the next girl who gives you the time of day has a gargantuan crush on you.

Another sign is if she avoids eye contact; this is a flashing indicator of whether or not a girl has the hots for you. If a girl avoids eye contact 99 percent of the time it either means she is angry with you or finds you extremely attractive. (The other one percent of the time she probably just thinks you’re annoying.)

All in all, girls are hard to decipher and no tip is going to work on every girl.

So boys, it is ALWAYS best to ask the girl herself. Grow up, and ask her out. (*DISCLAIMER* You do NOT have to be head over heels in love with a girl to go out on a date with her. Dates are for getting to know a person better and seeing if you want to be their girlfriend/boyfriend.) The worst that she could possibly say is “no” and make up a lame excuse to decline. If she does say something mean and nasty, then you know that she probably wasn’t the one for you anyway, and saved yourself a few months of unrequitted love.

There is never going to be a magic key to knowing whether or not a girl likes you. You could try and find the signs, ask your friends and even ask her friends. However, the only way that you will know for sure is if you ask her.

So take some wise advice and go get your girl!