Student Email Accounts Bring Opportunities

Lamar Consolidated ISD just got an upgrade–every student in the district now has their own free email account. Student email accounts bring many new opportunities to George Ranch that were not possible before.

Having a district-provided account allows students to more easily work with other students away from the normal classroom walls. “Communication is now more available through the email system,” said Chad Jones, one of LCISD’s Instructional Technology Specialists. “It provides a safe and filtered environment for students to work in, while offering the opportunity to learn a skill that will be necessary for them in their future career.”

Students can access their email accounts at either school or home by going to On the website, they can email other students and teachers in a monitored and safe environment. Every student was given their username (first and last initial then ID number) and a random six -digit code for their password. This username and password can also be used to access online grade accounts that show grades and past TAKS scores.

But why is having our own student email important?

“Email is the preferred communication tool of business,” said Jones. “It is imperative that we allow students the opportunity to use this tool and learn the appropriate means of communicating in this medium. This entails proper language, etiquette and other professional communication elements.”

He also says having the email account can allow you to use other web-based learning programs like Prezi and Voicethread, which require an email to create an account.

If you have yet to receive your username and password, talk to your advisory teacher, and they will give you your information.