Fairy Tale Story Spark

By Rauri O'Hagan

Once upon a time there was this girl. This girl belonged to a family of royalty and was destined to become the queen since she was the youngest and… the only child still alive. See, this family has a curse. Legend has it that Queen Narcistní was a greedy woman and made a lot of enemies while giving the family a bad name.

One day an old woman came in to ask Narcistní to restore the balance of magical defense for the wall in her village which was held up purely by magic but was crumbling down. It was just a mere village to the queen so she denied the favor and sent her on her way. But what the queen didn’t pay attention to was the words the woman spoke as she was dragged out by the guards. She started to yell in an unearthly tongue, but not one of innocence. It had an evil tone. It didn’t sound like an old woman anymore, but of a demon.

Two years later the queen had her first born child. She cared for it and pampered it sometimes, but it was mostly the maids keeping up with the child. Then something mysterious happened. One night while the child was given a bath the maids noticed something odd. The area where the child’s heart lay was turning black and the heart was beating incredibly fast. She felt the black area and it seemed to be chipping off. Eventually the child’s heart burst through its chest with a sudden explosion. Not even blood was coming out; it was a thick tar that seemed to force its way out of the child’s body. The child was eventually all black and immobile, but alive for a little as the heart was still beating. About three days it seemed. They all just stared at the body as it laid there with its heart pumping through the whole in its chest.

Eventually the child died and the queen was depressed. She wanted another child and so she did. The same thing happened to this one… and the next one… and the next one until the queen finally had her last child. She vowed she wasn’t going to have any more children if the same thing happened, but this one survived, but with odd features. These features made her stunningly beautiful. She grew up to have hair the color of a fox lit up by the sun. She had eyes that could easily be replaced for rubies, and a face with an amazing glow. The queen was proud of her daughter, but once she had reached her twelfth year of age her mother became terminally ill with an unknown illness and died within a week.

The same events happened with every queen. Starting from the 1st all the way to the 14th queen. Queen Flowre. The same things happened to her children, but the last one was different from the other last children. She named her Schizia. She had hair the color of a gray wolf. Eyes so blue you could see the ocean, and the same beautiful face. She was confused considering that all the last children had red hair and red eyes when she had the opposite. But she didn’t pay too much mind, until one day she went missing.