Athlete Spotlight: Kole Girard


Kole was the quarterback for the JV Maroon team the past two years.

Kole was the quarterback for the JV Maroon team the past two years.

Whether he is launching the ball down the field or supporting his fellow teammates on the sideline, quarterback Kole Girard is a leader. “He always tries to pump up the   team up when we are down and tries to lead us in the right direction,” said teammate and friend Bryan Markee, a sophomore.

Girard, a sophomore, started playing football in fifth grade and has been playing in an organized manner now for three years. Girard, number 15, is one of the quarterbacks for the JV Maroon team. Coach Anderson, one of his coaches, says some of his best qualities are that he is “a hard worker and quick learner, takes criticism, and continually works hard to get better.”

One person Girard really admires is his older brother, Matthew, age 28. “He has been a great role model to look up to. He is pretty organized, and went through college and got himself a job. He pretty much raised me,” Girard said.

Markee says that one of Girard’s best qualities is that he is a good speaker. “He always knows the right thing to say,” Markee said.

 Quick Facts about Kole

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite Football Team: Houston Texans

Dream College: The University of Alabama

Favorite Thing to do Before a Game:  Zone out distractions and listen to music

Favorite Music Before Games: Michael Jackson

Favorite Football Player: Tim Tebow