What Others Say About Him

By Anonymous

“Roman is too grown to still be here” says his sister.

“Some people just need a bit more time” his mother said.

“I’m tired of sacrificing all I have just to keep him on his feet, when he isn’t trying to help himself.

Been at this for too long, him and that lowlife friend of his”

“I just don’t know where I went wrong”

“Mom , it’s him, he is blinded on the way he is affecting us and I don’t think he can help it.”

“He damn sure needs to quit smoking that pot in my house” his father says.

“There’s something wrong with him, I hear him up all night” his sister says in concern.

“She’s right, the house is never silent even during the darkest hours of night”

“I don’t give a crap, that’s a personal issue. That boy just don’t know what the real world is all about”

“He eats much more, and his hair it’s greasy and long… He is about to be in his 20’s he needs to learn how to take

better care of himself”

“Dad, Mom, we need to set boundaries, he finds a way around us and the house rules”

“Ha ha Roman is big talk, that gal he got ain’t gonna want to be part of that, if he keeps up his ways”

“This isn’t going to help us. We need to start something and start it quick so we don’t lose him” his mother demanded.

“Let’s try this once more and if all fails, he’s out the house” his father responded.