The Five ‘W’s of Google Culture: Who


Google: a perfect representation of our many cultures around the world.

It not only shows what we wonder, it also portrays what we deem most important. When typing the word “who” into the Google search bar, I found that we have fascinating questions rolling around in our heads. The following are the top ten results and some of my own commentary.

-“Who is…?”

  • This result sends you to multiple websites where you can search and buy web domains. I guess we really like to have  our own website.

-“Who made the cake?”

  • This is a cake-making company who has many…interesting but well-made cakes. Cake seems to be a good way for us to express ourselves.

-“Who vs. whom?”

  • At least we’ve got something that makes us smarter. Searching for which pronoun to use should help us peoples speak more betterly.

-“Who is Todd Chrisley?”

  • To answer your question, he is a reality TV show star surrounded by controversy. Why we chose to make yet another reality TV show talking about one family, I have no idea.

-“Who unfollowed me?”

  • This finds which twitter accounts stopped following you; but be aware, it has to be authorized to post tweets and follow people for you… you might follow some strange people.

-“Who is gossip girl?”

  • Spoiler alert! This search will tell you who the most elusive character is in a TV show called “Gossip Girl”. It can also tell you, episode by episode, the main ideas and the plot twists throughout all six seasons. Why are we so impatient when it comes to the end of all our favorite shows?

-“Who called me?”

  • Are you getting prank calls every five minutes? Type this into Google and find some information on the number. You can also communicate with other people who are having the same issue.

-“Who represents me?”

  • This search allows you to see who exactly in the House of Representatives is, well, representing you. Good for us, actually caring about politics and wanting to be involved.

-“Who framed roger rabbit?”

  • This is a movie that came out in 1988. The main characters are trying to save a rabbit from being convicted of murder… I really wonder how someone came up with this idea.

-“Who let the dogs out?”

  • This is a rather famous song by BaHa men.  The results are mainly videos, with a few image results. How it became so popular, I do not know, but us humans sure do have interesting taste.