The Five ‘W’s of Google Culture: What


As a continuation of my last article, I have Google searched “what” and done the same thing as I did with “who”; I have put the top results (excluding any inappropriate questions, of course) and given some explanation for each.

-“What is a prime number?”

  • We’re learning!!! Good thing we’ll know which numbers on our paycheck can only be divided by one. Too bad we won’t know how to cash it.

-“What is my ip?”

  • When you type this in, it tells you the IP address for your current location. It also gives a plethora of websites that tell you specifically where you are, including city, state, and country. That’s a little creepy, don’t you think?

-“What is bitcoin?”

  • I have yet to meet someone who uses bitcoin. It is an online currency that eliminates the need for a central bank. I really have no idea how to use it, or why people are searching it…

-“What to do in Houston?”

  • This is specific to this area, but it still represents typical human desire to have fun.

-“What does my name mean?”

  • Apparently there is a lot in a name, contrary to Juliet’s mindset. When you type your name into the search bar on these websites, it tells you not only your personality, but also what health problems you may have. How your name affects your body…I have no idea.

-“What is love?”

  • What a philosophical question. Well, the first result was a music video entitled, you guessed it, “What is Love” by Haddaway. However, the rest of the results are websites that attempt to define the feelings, ideas, and theories of love. Are any of them right? You can be the judge of that.

-“What does smh?”

  • To those who searched this, I shake my head (see what I did there?). You know us humans, always looking for the easiest thing to do: abbreviations, initials, you know, keep it simple.

-“What is gluten?”

  • Gluten is quickly becoming the substance that everyone blames for any medical issue they have. These sites talk about what gluten does to the human body; some say it harms the body, others say that it is a highly necessary grain. You know humans: super healthy!