The National Honor Society 2014


Every year George Ranch High School has an enormous amount of students who enter the pool to partake in the National Honor Society. Upon going through rigorous scrutiny, their applications are judged on community service hours, grade point average, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions. This year we had the honor of accepting 196 bright young men and young women into the program. George Ranch makes sure the all NHS students are honest, hard working, academically inclined, and modestly inclined to community service.officers

Once the students are accepted they are given a formal letter and NHS number. The invitation informs them of a special night honoring their academic as well as service achievements. Most students enter their sophomore year to eventually receive their NHS collar for senior graduation. Each year the candidates increase in number, causing George Ranch to have the largest National Honor Society in the district. Most of these students in NHS also participate in varsity sports, fine art programs, and extracurricular clubs. This causes a variety of school cliques and groups to be represented.

At the new induction this year senior class officers were asked to speak. They spoke of the qualities one must have to not only be an NHS member, but to succeed in life, such as honor, generosity, and responsibility. These seniors have been through the National Honor Society since it’s origin at this school, and have watches the program grow. The administrators were there as well to show their support and encourage these young new inductees. Mrs. Haack spoke of her pride in all the bright young minds that inhabit her school. She went on to say she knows that these students will go far in life, and take everything they have learned in highschool to help them succeed.Girls

George Ranch High School is especially gifted. There are a grand total of 478 total students in the National Honor Society, 140 of them are seniors, 142 are juniors, and the rest of the 196 students are sophomores. This goes to show that the number of NHS members are increasing every year. This gives George Ranch the opportunity to do bigger and better things such as the NHS Carnival, Senior Citizen Prom, MS Walk for the Cure, Lunches of Love, Habitat for Humanity, coffee sales, Whatburger Flag Football, and numerous other activities that benefit the community and their character. George Ranch’s National Honor Society has only been available for two years, since their opening in 2010, and each year they do bigger and better things. One can only hope to see this stunning program in the future!