Sims is Back

It’s almost too perfect to be real. Sims, the amazing human life video game of the 90s, is back! And now it’s even better, you can get it on your very own smart phone.

Sims for the smart phone is free and it’s called Sims Freeplay. It’s taking over many teenager’s lives. After taking the STAAR test, Elizabeth Davis commented that “It’s all I can think about,”  even through the stress of testing.

When she told me this I thought she was over exaggerating but then I got the game and it really is that addicting. Mostly because it is such a blast from the past. My siblings and I spent summer after summer as kids playing Sims all day long.

Some may think of it as just any other fun video game, but for others it is, in a way, an escape from reality. As kids and teenagers we spend a lot of time dreaming about life as adults and who we want to be. Well, Sims gives us a chance to live our future through a video game, make our own money and take care of our very own family.

“In a book or a video game you want to feel like the main character. And in Sims I want to feel successful and rich, so that’s what I make myself,” Julia Nguyen said. And it’s true, in the game, if you work hard enough, your Sims can be very successful and rich. You just have to play you Simoleons right.

There are so many different things you can do on Sims. You can get married and have a baby, you can build all sorts of different buildings to have jobs and fun places to go and different things to do. And you can get there with just a click of a button, which is why so many of us prefer Sims life over real life.

And we are proud of it, it’s not a problem’ It’s completely normal and healthy I promise.

For many of us, it’s very nostalgic to be able to play Sims again as we used to as kids. And for others that have never played before, it’s like a new world they have been opened up to.

And if you are one of these people, be prepared to have no social life. But it’s okay, because your Sims will have a great social life and that’s all that matters really.