Restaurant Review: Russo’s

Russo’s New York Pizzeria serves more than just pizza. Tasty garlic knots, ravioli coated with a red vodka marinara sauce, and the most scrumptious tomato basil soup you’ve ever tasted are just a few of the other Italian dishes offered at the local, cozy restaurant. While prices do tend to range above a “cheap” restaurant, with entrées averaging about $10, the expense is definitely worth it. The wall is decorated with iconic photographs of the construction of Manhattan and modern oil paintings of rainy days on 5th avenue. It’s a small place for a restaurant, but it’s just roomy enough to be comfortable and familiar. Not only that, but the owner of the restaurant is constantly acting as a waiter and host, and the service that you will receive is nothing short of wonderful. On Sundays, they take 10% of your order and donate it to your church. All you have to do is bring a bulletin. Not to mention that on Tuesdays they donate 10% of your order to GRHS! One of the best parts about Russo’s is that it’s close by. Whether you live in Great Wood, Canyon Gate or Terra, it’s only a few minutes away. But, even if you don’t feel like going out, they also deliver. There’s really no way you can go wrong with Russo’s. It’s simply convenient, fun, and exquisitely delicious.
You can visit the Russo’s website and browse their online menu here!