Marching in Style

The football players score as the band finishes the last notes of a stand tune. They then begin playing the fight song as the fans in the stands celebrate the recent victory. The band is always there to cheer on the players, and to fill the stands with their music. The effect they have is too great for them not to look the part. This year, they do.

Last year the band marched in mix-matched jeans, an embroidered maroon polo, and black marching shoes. After all, it takes a while for a first year school to get caught up with all the details that most established high schools have. This year, however, the band will be marching in a whole new get-up consisting of black pants, a maroon, black and white short-sleeve band shirt, band hats, gauntlets and plumes.

One concern about the mostly black uniforms is, of course, the Texas heat. However, some of the band students have ideas about how to overcome that.

“They’re made of cotton and it’s 150 degrees outside,” said Brandi Weaver, junior bass clarinet player. “[But we are] going to drink lots of water and have lots of ice fights.”

A freshman saxophone player Kate Allison said, “[The heat] might be an issue, but we are prepared. We have a summer uniform that’s short sleeves and lighter fabric so we can be a little cooler.”

Besides the heat, the band seems to love the uniforms. Many students talk about the confidence that they feel when wearing the uniform, as opposed to just jeans and polos.

“It looks more official,” Daniel Garcia, sophomore percussionist, said. “We’re going to look ridiculously awesome.”

“They make us look more professional and perform more professionally,” said sophomore Trey French, French horn player.

The band’s director, Mr. Jordan, agrees. “We behave differently; more business-like. We take ourselves more seriously,” he said.

One important aspect of the band is its leaders, the drum majors. The process of becoming one involves lots of dedication and a passion for music. They are a crucial part of the band as they keep time during every performance, ensuring the band stays together the entire time. Because they need to be distinguished in their roles, their look is a bit different than the other musicians.

“The drum majors lead the band on field. We wanted to separate their look as leaders,” Mr. Jordan said.

Instead of the short sleeves that the other band members wear, the drum majors will have long sleeves that are maroon and black.

Drum major Abby Platt commented on the long sleeves. “It’s going to get really hot, but we’re just going to have to get over it.”

It seems that whether it is a drum major or an instrument player, the band is willing to take on the challenge of the heat and rock the field in their new official uniforms. Now they will finally look as great as they sound.

“[When we’re wearing the uniforms] we start becoming that one band,” said Mr. Jordan.