TV Review: Pretty Little Liars

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Based on the hit book series by Sara Shepard, ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” has been keeping avid viewers on the edge of their seats every Monday night since the beginning of the second season. With A still on the loose and their lives in chaotic uproars, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily decided that enough is enough. After the girls decided it was finally time to tell their therapist, Dr. Sullivan, about A’s stalking business, A kidnapped the doctor and tricked the girls into thinking they were saving Dr. Sullivan, when really, A was only framing them with the shovel that killed Alison – the reason for the entire mess. Finally fed up with A’s continuous antics and hold on their lives, the Liars begin to fight back, uncovering more dirty secrets and clues that will eventually lead to the revelation of A’s identity and Alison’s real killer.

            The Liars have to make some tough sacrifices to keep the ones they love safe from A. Hanna can’t tell Caleb the truth, even though he knows more than he already should; Spencer attempts to avoid Toby in order to keep A away from him, but when that fails, A sabotages Toby’s work scaffold and sends Toby to the hospital, nearly killing him, and making Spencer realize that the only way to keep Toby safe from and ignorant of A was to break up with him. Aria, involved in a controversial teacher-student relationship, is forced apart from Ezra after he decides to reveal the truth of their relationship to her parents. Trust is destroyed, and Aria has to go out of her way to keep the hope of being together alive.

            A is always watching; A is everywhere. The Liars haven’t yet caved to the constant fear they live in because of A. Instead, sleuthing has taken over. Spencer is always watching Alison’s older brother, Jason’s, movements, and everyone is wary of the blind and bitter Jenna and her boyfriend, a police officer whom the Liars had made the mistake of trusting in the first season.

            By the end of this always eventful season, the producer of the show says that A’s identity will be revealed. Until then, Liar fanatics can hold down the fort until Monday nights and try to figure out the mystery for themselves.

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