Howdie, Madeleine Hope!


The Wrangler had the chance to interview Madeleine Hope, a junior here at George Ranch, about her involvement in volunteering in the community. Here’s what she had to say about it.

The Wrangler: So I know you told me that you like to volunteer a lot; what kind of things do you like to do?

Hope: I like to work with kids and anything that involves medical stuff or making food.

The Wrangler: What was your favorite volunteering job?

Hope: That would have to be volunteering at the hospital.

The Wrangler: Wow, that’s cool. What exactly did you do as a hospital volunteer?

Hope: I was assigned to the Labor and Delivery floor, and I got the patients water and clean linens, ran little errands, and made packets.

The Wrangler: What kind of packets?

Hope: Basically packets that were for new moms, and the registration packets that they needed.

The Wrangler: Oh, okay. So, why did you choose to volunteer at the hospital?

Hope: I want to be a nurse, so I did it to see if it was something that I liked, the hospital environment.

The Wrangler: How did you decide to be a nurse?

Hope: I’ve always enjoyed hospitals, it sounds weird, but I like helping people with their medical stuff.

The Wrangler: That’s really cool; which field of nursing would you prefer?

Hope: I want to work in either the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) or in Labor and Delivery.

The Wrangler: Why those fields?

Hope: I have always loved infants, and I really love the connections between the mother and the baby.

The Wrangler: That’s awesome, thanks for the interview!