Winter Weather Ideas

Having trouble finding something to do with your friends while you are off on winter break?

            Since it’s getting colder outside, you’ll have to find the right venue indoors that will satisfy your need for fun..

            As a group, everyone could meet up at one person’s house and all have a movie night. It’s a great way to socialize while enjoying a movie!

            Dress up in your winter attire, and get a bunch of friends to go ice-skating. It’s a active and enjoyable thing to do- even if you fall down many times.

            Bowling is always a great idea for teens. It’s a fun way to integrate you and your friends with some sports instead of sitting around all day long.

Everyone loves Christmas decorations. So why not go on a ride around the neighborhood looking at the lights around the neighborhood? It can fill you with some holiday cheer- especially if you turn it into a fun hayride!

            Inviting your friends along with you to the mall so that they can help you with your holiday shopping helps to get your lists taken care of and shop for yourself!

            Even just chatting, sitting around a fireplace drinking hot chocolate with those that matter most to you can be memorable- as long as you enjoy the holidays, that’s all that matters!