7 Ways to Stay Organized This School Year


It’s the fifth week of school and your backpack does not look as nice as it did the first week. You are also starting to get behind on homework, class work, and basically anything else you need to do. Here’s a list that will hopefully help you to keep your life in order.

  1. Have folders for every class; that way you don’t have to shove papers or spend forever looking for the homework you KNOW is in there somewhere.
  2. Have a planner that you can write any homework or other important information in. In the back, put your school logins so you don’t forget.
  3. Use effective time management; plan exactly what you are doing, map out when you’ll work on projects so that they’ll be done on time (this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have fun anymore; it actually gives you more time to do things you like without worrying about when you’ll have time for homework).
  4. Have all your homework supplies in one place so that you can sit down and finish the homework without getting distracted when you go to find an eraser.
  5. When taking notes, highlight and color code that when you go back to study, you can see what you need to know.
  6. Have a calendar that has all your class’s tests, quizzes and homework for the six weeks.
  7. Limit the amount of extra paper and old work that you keep in your backpack so that nothing is lost, confused, or turned in late.