Let’s go for a Spin!


Spinning is a new, innovative workout that has changed the world of fitness forever. The main reason I prefer spinning over all other workouts is that it combines cycling, dancing, and weight training into one workout. Plenty of celebrities like the Kardashians, Britney Spears, and Ashley Benson have also taken part in this phenomena. Spinning has transformed the lives of many, while others still have no idea what it is. For the majority of you who probably have no idea of what spinning even is, I’ll take you through your average class.

You walk into the studio and you are instantly surrounded by middle aged women decked out in Lulu Lemon complaining about how dreadfully awful the gas mileage on their Range Rovers are. You are then greeted by your instructors and are actually in awe of how perfect and goddess like they are. You then get severely depressed and jealous. Although on the bright side, these instructors are extremely motivating when it comes to wanting to get you in shape.

The first song starts, which is typically the warm-up song, and you are immediately taken by the blaring sound of “Disturbia” as you are pedaling at a steady pace. “I can do this,” you say to yourself as the first song comes to an end, but you quickly take it back as you hear the unbearably fast beat of the next song.

All of the sudden you find yourself moving your legs at a seemingly impossible pace to, what sounds like, a strange remix of some Beyonce song and “Gangnam Style”. Not to mention you have your instructor in front of you, who is still by the way looking perfect as ever, not even breaking a sweat while you are sitting there on your bike looking like some sort of dying animal. (I promise spin class is fun guys.)

A few more songs go by and at this point, all you can think about is when this 50 minutes of torture will finally come to an end. You have done all things imaginable on this stationary bike: push-ups, crunches, jumps, the list goes on. Who would have thought riding a bike could have been this exhausting?

About 3/4 into class, your instructor, still perfect, tells you to pick up your weights and that it is time for arms. Before you have time to say, “Since when does riding a bike involve lifting weights?” your instructor is doing bicep curls faster than your brain can function. You want so badly to put your arms down for just a teeny tiny second, but then are quickly reminded by your instructors perfectly toned arms that you must finish. The song, which feels about 20 minutes long, comes to an end and dropping your arms feels like heaven.

The class typically ends with a series of sprints. The instructor (who seems to have somehow gotten more perfect since you last looked at her) says, “Alright it’s your last song, better make it worth it!” And as you are sprinting you are simultaneously wondering how in the world you have the energy to move your legs as fast as they are moving.

It’s all finally over. You leave the room bewildered as to how you made it out alive. Somehow, though, you feel amazing and you cannot wait to go back and do it again. It is the most confusing feeling. Spinning, although very difficult, makes you feel so accomplished and empowered once you finish that you become addicted. Soon spinning has taken over your life and you cannot go a day without it.

Spin has absolutely changed my life. Not only am I in better shape, but it puts me in a better mood, gives me more energy throughout the day, and gives me something to look forward to. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different to add to their workout routine.