College Apps Do’s and Don’t’s


Stressed about college applications? Look no further, I have the solution for you! Make sure to follow these simple do’s and don’t’s to make your application stand out.

Do Apply Early

Applying early means you’ll probably be in a smaller pool of applicants, increasing your chances. It’ll also show the readers that you are truly interested in that college.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination often ends in less than satisfactory work. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly and effectively fill out your application.

Do Pay Attention To Deadlines

If you don’t pay attention to deadlines, you may miss an important date and not get into your dream school.

Do Have Someone Edit Your Application

Having someone read over your application for spelling and grammatical mistakes ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to your application. It makes you look professional and polished.

Don’t Be Boring

Adding voice and personality to your essay is very important! The essay readers have to go through a multitude of essays. If you make your essay interesting, they will greatly appreciate it, which will make your essay stand out.

Don’t Write The Missionary Essay

College essay graders have read this essay over and over. They all know that you went on a mission trip to South America, intended on helping the sad children, and experienced a wonderful shift of perspective brought on by seeing poverty. Instead of you helping the less fortunate, the less fortunate helped you. Essay readers hate seeing this essay. Don’t write it.

Don’t Be Arrogant

Try to sound as if you have confidence in yourself without coming off as too conceited.

Do Write What You Think

When it comes to the essay, be honest. If you write what you believe, the reader will actually get to know you better.

Don’t Write What You Think They Want To Hear

The readers go through many essays that are written with the thought, “Oh, I know exactly what they want me to say!” These essays all turn out the same, and it won’t help your essay stand out.

Don’t Lie, Plagiarize, Or Reuse Old Assignments

This may seem like a no-brainer, but people actually try to copy college applications. Colleges don’t tolerate plagiarism, so starting off your college career by cheating is not a good decision.

Don’t Make Your Parents Fill Out Your College Apps       

This doesn’t even need an explanation. Don’t do it.